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Head Coach/Owner


Kat is an enthusiastic Martial Artist, Coach and former competitor. She believes in helping people transform their lives and change their self-limiting beliefs through the practice of Martial Arts and Fitness. Kat believes in innovation, effective practice and enjoys teaching others the knowledge she has adapted over the years, through her own holistic practices and life experiences.


'In my opinion, anyone can train their bodies to be physically strong, but I put emphasis on helping people gain the tools and techniques needed, to be just as strong in their mind'.


With a holistic approach in her coaching, she aims to educate, inspire and support her students and clients throughout their own journey of healing and self-transformation.



Kat's mission has always been to create a safe space for Women to train, exclusively. Using this sacred haven to empower women and help them transform their lives for the better; by helping them find their voice, discover their inner and outer strengths and to confidently stand in their power from gaining the tools and skills needed for self confidence and real life self defence.

The focus is on internal healing through training and letting that surface, organically, over time. 


Our vision is to create local opportunity, growth and impact for Women to train Martial Arts and Fitness in a safe, non-intimidating, yet inspirational, environment. 


Why choose KickFit Haven?

One of the benefits to joining our gym is that we actually care about you and your goals. Plus, you get access to a range of different services all in the one place. You get to learn from and with Women who understand you on a deeper level.

Other members benefits include exclusive members ONLY discounts with our proudly supporting partners and invites to regular members' events.

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