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Membership Agreement

Terms and Conditions

This is an Agreement under which you agree to become a Member of KickFit Haven for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. When you sign this Agreement you are entering into a legally binding contract with us. This Agreement sets out your rights to use our Facilities and Services and the responsibilities you have to comply with as a Member. These responsibilities, including payment of Membership Fees, do not depend on how often you use our Facilities and Services. What is set out in this Agreement overrides any statements made by you or us before you signed it so you should read through it fully to make sure it reflects your expectations. If you are unsure whether any particular statements that you have relied on are part of this Agreement, or if you have any queries regarding this Agreement, please ask us before you sign.


Your membership will be ongoing on a periodic agreement after the minimum term until either you or we terminate it in the way described in the agreement. If you terminate the agreement or stop the automatic debit arrangement in a manner not described in the agreement, then you may be liable for damages for breach of contract.


This agreement is subject to a 7 day cooling off period. 7 Days from when this agreement was signed.

Suspending Your Memberhsip

You may temporarily suspend your membership for travel or medical reasons if all amounts payable for your membership are paid up to date. You must apply for a suspension at least 14 days (2 weeks) prior to departure. Your suspension dates must be no less than 2 weeks and no more than 6 weeks. For special considerations outside of this window, we are entitled to charge you a suspension and membership retention fee of $50 for processing your application. In any 12 month period, we are not obliged to suspend your membership on more than two occasions or for no more than three months in total.


Suspension Conditions:

Email Membership Suspension requests to:

Ending Your Membership

Please note, there is a strict no refund policy if you are cancelling within your minimum (12 week) contract period or have failed to submit your request to cancel your membership.


On or after expiry of the Minimum Term


Your membership will continue after the Minimum Term unless you tell us in writing 2 weeks before the expiry of the Minimum Term that you do not wish for your membership to continue.


If you have not told us that you wish for your membership to end at the expiry of the Minimum Term, you can terminate any time after the end of the Minimum Term by giving us at least 28 days (4 weeks) prior written notice, emailed to:


Other ways that you can end your Membership


You can cancel for medical reasons

You can end your membership by telling us in writing if you cannot exercise for the remainder of Minimum Term due to an illness or a physical incapacity and you produce supporting SPECIALIST documentation to our reasonable satisfaction.

Your acknowledgement

Before signing this document, I confirm that I have read, and understand and hereby agree to the terms and conditions as defined in this Agreement and agree to the following:

  • I agree to the above T’s and C’s and cancellation policy and to pay all fees outlined in this membership.

  • I understand that I am entering a minimum 12 week contract with KickFit Haven.

  • I understand that all membership fees are subject to change at the discretion of KickFit Haven management.

  • I understand that any discounts, promotional benefits and access to member's only forums are lost upon cancellation of membership.

  • I understand that bookings and cancellations through PTMinder are mandatory for class attendance, otherwise my spot cannot be guaranteed in a class. No booking, no training!

We strongly recommend you download the PTMinder app (Apple or Android) for easier bookings, changes and access to your account. We also suggest utilising our waiting list if a class is fully booked. This isn't always the case, but by joining the waiting list, you will be automatically moved into the class when a spot becomes available.


We typically have alternative training arrangements for 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Sufficient notice is given for any changes to our group training and we may offer other services during this time. 


Standard Membership Types

  • Full Membership - $60 p/w UNLIMITED TRAINING (includes Open Gym invites)

  • Triple Class Weekly Pass - $53 p/w (only eligible for 3 classes per week)

Confidentiality and Ownership

In order to honour and protect the Business' intellectual property, the client likewise agrees not to disclose or communicate information about the Business' practice, materials, fees, or methods to any third parties. The client also agrees NOT to give the content from any of the coaching or materials provided, to any third parties.

The Business acknowledges that he or she may obtain confidential personal and/or business information from client and agrees to keep and maintain such information confidential and to not disclose or use such information without client's consent.

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